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Welcome to HAIR ART TV!


Welcome to The HAIR ART TV Channel. The Only Satellite Broadcast HAIR ART TV Channel that is made FOR the Barber & Beauty Industry and BY the Barber & Beauty Industry!


This is a Nationally broadcast upstart television channel that is now gathering funding to get Upgraded to broadcast World Wide by mid-2024! All the "Hair Shows" that are broadcast on this channel are owned and operated by the Hair Art NETWORK or by the Barbers & Stylist who created them.


We welcome you all to join in the launch of this groundbreaking event. And to all the Barber & Beauty Industry professionals we are looking for you... Click on the SIGN-UP page to see how you can get your "WORK" on the Only Satellite Broadcast HAIR ART TV Channel in the World!

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S&S Crowd Funding
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ADs & Commercials

The HAIR ART TV Channel has a TON of "Moving Parts". We are constantly gathering and creating footage and video for The HAIR ART TV Channel. All of our PROMOTIONS, ADVERTISEMENTS and Channel INFORMATION (ie. UPDATES, SCHEDULES and/or ANNOUNCEMENTS) will be posted here FIRST. If you want to know what's going on inside the world of The HAIR ART TV Channel simply come to and click on the top menu bar tab marked "CHANNEL INFORMATION".

Contact Us

3824 Cedar Springs Road #406

Dallas, TX 75219
Tel: 800-406-7711
Fax: 877-650-9814

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