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About Us

Ronnie "Mr. Hair Art" Mac created The HAIR ART TV Channel with the help of the talented professionals of the Barber & Beauty Industry. It has been an exciting adventure getting to this point and now we are making History with this, First Ever, Hair Channel. Mr. Mac started noticing a need for a hair channel when he continued to receive requests for his Hair Art DVDs and Classes. After he created his first line of Hair Art Products, the number of interested people began to grow... 




(((You can See and Order those Hair Art Products from the button on the right...)))

          Shops & Salons NETWORK


Shops & Salons NETWORK LLC is a Barber & Beauty Management Company. We manage Barber Shops & Beauty Salons Nation Wide. Shops & Salons NETWORK can help manage a long list of needs like Finances, Credit, Laws & Regulations, Team Building, Equipment and Location procurement, Taxes and much more...


Below is a link to our most popular Funding and Assistance program to date. Read more about our Shops & Salons Crowd Funding by clicking the link below. 

           Hair Art NETWORK


The Hair Art Network was started over 7  years ago by Mr. Ronnie Mac to unite the Barber and Beauty Industry. We pride ourselves on Customer Loyalty through Customer Service. We are based on a MEMBERSHIP Program of the World's Best Barbers and Hair Artist.


Below is an iFrame window with our entire Hair Art NETWORK website in it. You can read more about us in this networking website at

        The HAIR ART TV Channel


The HAIR ART TV Channel is the Only Satellite Broadcast HAIR ART TV Channel that is made FOR the Barber & Beauty Industry and BY the Barber & Beauty Industry!




This is a Nationally broadcast upstart television channel that is now gathering funding to get Upgraded to broadcast World Wide by mid 2015! All the "Hair Shows" that are broadcast on this channel are owned and operated by the Hair Art NETWORK or by the Barbers & Stylist who created them.

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